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10 Real Superpowers That Come From Being A Mom

We know moms are awesome but did you know that moms have superpowers that have been proven by science?

Check these out:

Moms Make Teenagers Drive Safely

Folks at the University of Illinois discovered that when a teenager’s mom was nearby, the teenager was far less likely to run a yellow light when driving.

Incredibly, running a yellow light under normal circumstances showed the brain’s pleasure centers were highly stimulated but when moms were nearby the reverse happened, the teen’s brains got a buzz from driving safely.

Moms Make Baby Brains Grow

You don’t even need to talk to your unborn baby, as long as babies can hear your voice and your heartbeat their brains grow more quickly.

This was proven by researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston who reproduced this effect with premature babies by wiring up moms so that the newborns could hear their mom’s hearts and voices for 3 hours a day!

Moms Can Make Kids Be Good

If you’re feeling bad about being busy and not spending too much time with your kids, don’t.

Research published in the Journal of Marriage and Family shows that there’s no relationship between how kids turn out and the amount of time spent with a parent. There is, however, a big relationship between spending some quality time together and how a kid turns out.

Moms Can Hear Like Superman

If you thought that it was a miracle that you can hear your baby cry when no-one else can, it’s not.

It’s the chemical oxytocin which turns up in huge quantities in your brain after childbirth. It changes how your brain works and makes it much, much more sensitive to your own baby’s cries than all other sounds.

At least that’s what scientists working at New York University say.

Moms Can Make Kids Happier

The recipe for childhood happiness turns out to be simple. Moms ought to step back and let their kids make as many decisions as possible.

The University of Missouri says that laid-back moms induce feelings of warmth and respect in their children that Tiger Mom’s may not.

Moms Superpower

Moms Are Getting Smarter

Moms are far more likely to hold a master’s degree or better than compared to 20 years ago. And childlessness is on the decline, not the rise.

That means moms are brighter than ever and they’re still choosing to have families according to Pew Research Center.

Moms Can Ruin Sex Lives

OK, this one might be a super villain’s power!

In a bizarre piece of research from Prague in the Czech Republic, they found that men with bad relationships with their mothers were more likely to suffer from sexual dysfunction and sexual problems in general than those who had good relationships.

Moms Can Make Math Geniuses

Talk to your kids about math in a positive way and you’ll find that your children turn into math savants.

This was backed up by two sets of research conducted by the University of Michigan and the Pontificia Universidad Catolica De Chile.

Activities such as counting money together or measuring ingredients for recipes produced far better math skills and earlier than just teaching counting on its own.

Moms Can Communicate By Smell

Yeah, this one is kind of weird.

But a paper from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science shows that babies can acquire experiences from their mothers by use of smell.

Do you know what they learn this way? Fear.

So try not to be afraid around your baby, you may pass your fear on to the child.

Moms Get Less Cancer

This is a really unusual but positive benefit of being a mom!

If you have a baby, according to a 2015 study at Oxford University, the odds of you getting cancer of the womb drops by one-third. Each child you have further decreases that risk too!

So, there you go. As a mom, you are superhuman. Science has proven it! So enjoy.