Month November 2018

Kids Try Cereals From All Around The World

Children say and do the dandiest things don’t they? I absolutely love the HiHo Kids channel where they get kids together and let them try new food items from all around the world. The children’s reactions are priceless! You’ll be…

What Do Kids Say About Their Moms?

This baby is a little too young to spill all on her mom just yet.
If someone interviewed your kids about the way your life worked, what would they say about you? Well, when they put these cuties on the sport, they spilled the beans in the way that only kids can. And it’s adorable.…

Savage Moms Make Us Laugh

This little boy's mom might be one of those featured in our video today.
This one is a little NSFW but It made me laugh so hard that I couldn’t resist sharing it with you. Here we see a group of Indian moms give their offspring the kind of honest feedback that you can’t…

The 10 Coolest Animal Moms

Cat and kitten a pairing that didn't make the list in this video.
Human moms are clearly the best moms because we’re all human. Having said that, there are many animal moms who deserve a mention for the sterling work they do in having babies and raising them. So, with that in mind,…

10 Tips On How To Fly With Your Baby

The key to travelling with your baby is preparation.
Flying’s not much fun when you don’t have a baby. When you do, it can quickly become overwhelming. Fortunately, Justine Marie has a bunch of really useful tips on how to fly with your baby and enjoy the experience.