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The Amazon Baby Registry: A New Mom’s Best Friend

amazon baby registry

If you’re going to join a single baby registry then join the Amazon Baby Registry. It’s that simple. That’s not to say there aren’t some other decent offers out there for baby registries – it’s simply that Amazon’s is the very best.

New moms who want to save money and cut down on hassle – cannot go wrong with Amazon.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • You get a welcome gift. Amazon has a couple of baby boxes to choose from that are full of product samples. They are 100% free and worth between $30-$35. You need to buy one product from your registry to get them sent out. However, as you can put any Amazon store item into the registry – you don’t have to buy anything baby related to get the welcome box.
  • You get the universal registry button. Amazon has a little browser button plug in that lets you add items from any website to your registry.
  • You get a big completion discount. Amazon offers a 10% completion discount as standard but if you are a prime member (and who isn’t?) you can get a 15% discount. That’s a substantial saving. This is paid on a single purchase of up to $2,000 or two purchases that do not total more than $2,000.
  • You might win your registry for free! Yes, Amazon runs a little sweepstakes in the background that occasionally awards a lucky mom with her entire registry for free.

baby registry

Photo by Manuel Schinner on Unsplash

I used Amazon’s registry with my recent child and I know many other moms who have done the same. The only drawbacks of their service are that not every item qualifies for free Prime shipping (though, in my experience, this isn’t a huge number of items) and you can’t “try before you buy” as you could in a physical store.

Seriously Moms, Sign Up For the Amazon Baby Registry Today – It’s The Best!