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The 10 Coolest Animal Moms

Cat and kitten a pairing that didn't make the list in this video.

Human moms are clearly the best moms because we’re all human. Having said that, there are many animal moms who deserve a mention for the sterling work they do in having babies and raising them. So, with that in mind,…

10 Tips On How To Fly With Your Baby

The key to travelling with your baby is preparation.

Flying’s not much fun when you don’t have a baby. When you do, it can quickly become overwhelming. Fortunately, Justine Marie has a bunch of really useful tips on how to fly with your baby and enjoy the experience.

Steve Rizzo Teaches How To Make Toddlers Laugh

Steve Rizzo is well known as a speaker but is it possible that he’s missed his calling as a kindergarten instructor? In this video, you’re going to see just how this huge talent interacts with children and brings real delight…

How To Brush A Toddler’s Teeth

My kids actually enjoyed having their teeth brushed but my friend Jan says the whole process was very difficult for her littlest. This neat video from the Smoky Mountain Pediatric Dentistry unit makes it much easier to learn to brush…

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