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Being a mom is hard work and sometimes you can find yourself focusing too much on your kids and not enough on yourself. Fortunately, Baby Blues can put a light brightness into your day without distracting you too much from the important “mom things” that you have to do.

About Baby Blues

Baby Blues is a long-running comic strip which focuses on life in the MacPherson family. The parents, Darryl and Wanda, have three children Zoe, Hammie, and Wren. Every strip focuses on the interactions between these young well-intentioned parents and the typical problems and joys that every family faces.

The TV Show Didn’t Do So Well

The strip launched back in 1990 and it quickly became one of America’s best-loved comic strips.

The spin-off TV series that launched in 2000 and didn’t fare quite so well. The first season was canceled and it took a while for all the episodes to be aired and the second season (which had been made at the same time) has never been aired at all.

Baby Blues Has Relatability

Baby Blues

The best thing about Baby Blues is its relatability. People who aren’t parents won’t understand just how many of the situations that the fictional MacPhersons face are real.

They deal with their lives in a humorous but gentle fashion and it feels like they’re working out the same issues as I’m struggling to face some days. It keeps me smiling and happy to know that I am not alone and that every parent has challenges amongst the joys of taking care of their little ones.

The Best News!

The best news is that you don’t need to pay to access the Baby Blues comic strip, in fact, you can have it delivered daily to your inbox for free!

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