Baby Food Masher Giveaway

Many parents are familiar with this scene: It’s dinner time, and your baby is eyeing every bite of food you put in your mouth. Is it time for baby to try solid foods? Solid foods can be introduced as early as six months of age. Solid foods are traditionally introduced in puree form. Single foods are blended to a smooth consistency and fed by spoon. As a baby eats larger volumes and tries more foods, parents can move on to a thicker texture: mashed foods. At around nine or 10 months old, a baby may start eating finger foods in small pieces. WINGOFFLY 9 in 1 Food Masher Maker helps you prepare a baby food easily, and with these 4 different grinding filters, you can make a variety of food for your baby!

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  1. Hi..there, even though my son is twelve..its always nice to learn more things.Alot of my friends at work have little any infro or products that’s not applicable to my son I pass it on to them.Thanks for the great work!!!!.Its certainly not easy raising children these days.Always here to help.

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