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Baby Jogger City Mini Review | Best Stroller Of 2019

The Baby Jogger City Mini stroller is well-designed, well-built and well-priced baby product. We highly recommend it!

We review tons of baby products here on Project Mom.

This is one of our favorite strollers.

Baby Jogger City Mini is best stroller

To get to our recommendations we tested these strollers (and many others) for extended periods of time, we went out and spoke to other moms about their experiences and we also pored over tech-specs, reviews, etc.

We came to one overwhelming conclusion while we did this. There’s no “best stroller for everyone” but rather a “best stroller for you”.

So, when we picked The Baby Jogger City Mini, we did it because we thought it would fit the widest cross-section of “best stroller for you” in the market.

Baby Jogger City Mini Video Review

We have strict guidelines at Project Mom when we review products. Every single stroller we recommend will offer:

  • A smooth ride for your baby. Yes, you won’t believe how many strollers fail this particular test. It’s the “you had one job” moment of baby life. If you’re buying a stroller it has to do this well.
  • It maneuvers well. A smooth ride in a straight line is good if you’re buying a train. If you’re using your stroller in the real world, it needs to turn on a dime and do so without wrecking baby’s sleep.
  • It has storage space. The biggest need of a stroller is to carry stuff for the baby and carry your shopping too. So, the more storage space, the merrier.
  • It folds up and down easily. I remember my mom almost lost a finger to my stroller, she tells me about it every Christmas, I can’t forget it. Fortunately, today’s strollers are built to rather better safety standards but the ease of use is important alongside safety.

Why The Baby Jogger City Mini?

The first thing that drew us to The Baby Jogger City Mini was the Amazon reviews.

People love this stroller, not a little but a lot. And the vast majority of reviews are 5 stars.

This is important because it means we’re not the only ones who think it’s a great product.

What Do We All Like About The Baby Jogger City Mini?

It’s the ease-of-use. You can find yourself in an eternal tug of war with a stroller to put it away and when you’ve got a baby to hold – this sucks.

The Baby Jogger City Mini requires a single pull of a handle to put up and put down.

That means in a car park, you can hold the baby in one arm, fold down the stroller and stow it with the other. It’s also lightweight at 18 lbs. If it were heavier, you couldn’t lift it one-handed.

Does The Baby Jogger City Mini Have Any Downsides?

Yes, but not major ones. The seat cushioning is a little thin compared to some models out there but I think that’s a minor niggle at best.

A slightly bigger problem is that it’s not got as much storage space as some carriers and you won’t get big bags under it easily.

You can use it in conjunction with nearly all major car seat brands (though you may need to spend $20-$30 on an adapter to make it work).

It will also hold a child up to 50 lbs in weight. I wouldn’t recommend overloading your stroller either.

You can buy The Baby Jogger City Mini on Amazon and it’s quite reasonably priced for such a high-quality product. The steel grey is particularly cheap at the moment too.