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Babylist Baby Registry: A Solid Choice For New Moms

Babylist has been hanging around in the background for a while now but until recently it couldn’t really compete with Target or Amazon.

Now, it’s stepped up its game and I am happy to report that Babylist is a very solid choice for a baby registry for new moms.

A picture of a young boy with blue eyes. Waiting for the good things from his registry.

Here’s what I like about Babylist:

  • It’s full of surprises. Babylist can’t compete with Amazon on price for everything but it often has vouchers, discounts and free gifts that make it more competitive for certain items.
  • There are some exclusive products. While Target and Amazon bring you the biggest ranges of products, there are thing on Babylist that they cannot stock – such as the Nuna series of car seats.
  • A nice welcome box. You have to “qualify” for the welcome box with Babylist (unlike Target or Amazon who just give you one) but it’s pretty good if you do qualify.
  • You can go off-piste with your shopping. Babylist is well aware of its more limited range when compared to the big boys and thus it allows you access to a large network of other stores and even Etsy with its registry – that means you get a lot of choice.
  • A great returns policy. Anything you buy from Babylist can be returned, for free, within a 90-day purchase window. However, this is only true of products sold by Babylist, if you use their flexible shopping on another store, that store’s return policy takes precedence.
  • Cash gifts option. You can even start a savings fund to pay for your baby’s college and ask people to donate to that in lieu of other gifts.

Babylist is fast becoming one of the best baby registries out there.

They need to expand their range as dealing with multiple refund and shipping policies is confusing but otherwise, I highly recommend them.

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