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Buy Buy Baby Registry: A Quality Contender For Your Baby Registry

If you’ve not encountered Buy Buy Baby before that’s because it is a relatively new brand.

It’s the children’s arm of Bed, Bath & Beyond (yes, those people who keep sending you coupons in the mail that you hardly every touch).

Want some good news? You can use those coupons at Buy Buy Baby too!

So, if you do decide that you want your registry with Buy Buy Baby – go right ahead and register on Bed, Bath and Beyond too to get a quick 20% off coupon!

A very pleased looking little girl. She must have just received her registry gifts!

Here’s what else you need to know:

  • Nice baby box as a welcome gift. Buy Buy Baby’s biggest incentive to join is their welcome box. This is stuffed with freebies and the stated value is higher than that of both Amazon and Target. However, some of that value comes from using more expensive brands which don’t add huge amounts of extra value to your parenting.
  • A decent selection of goods. Buy Buy Baby can’t compete, yet, with our three favorites (Amazon, Target, and Babylist) for the volume of choice but they aren’t terrible either.
  • Retail stores. I’m not sure this is as much of a plus as it is with Target because there aren’t very many Buy Buy Baby stores and if you don’t have one in your neighborhood, this isn’t a huge selling point.
  • A generous completion discount. Buy Buy Baby’s completion discount of 15% is generous but their terms state it’s only available after your baby is born. I am definitely not keen on that.

Overall, Buy Buy Baby is OK.

It might be best as a backup option though rather than as your main registry.

They do now offer free shipping but only on items over $49.

More worryingly, there are quite a few reports of their customer services not being up to scratch.

Sign Up With Buy Buy Baby And Get Your Welcome Box Today