Baby And Toddler Milestones

Never let it be said that we’re afraid to tackle the serious subjects here on Project Mom. We like a balance between fun and educational content and today...

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Really Funny Babies In Action

Sometimes, it’s just best to give the floor to the children and let them do what they do best – be children. These kids are among the funniest...

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Mom And Baby Clean House

The Susu family are, possibly, YouTube’s most popular family. In this episode Mom begins teaching her baby how to clean the house. I think this is a positive...

Funny Kids Laughing

Want to brighten up your day? Well, you’re in for a treat! That’s because we’ve found this absolutely adorable video of beautifully funny children laughing. It’s so contagious!...

Watch As 10 Babies Try Something Completely New

One of the best things about being a mom is how cute your babies are. Even the biggest, toughest NFL player was once an adorable little boy. Cuteness...

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