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39 Summertime Treats For Kids

summer treats for kids

Summertime treats for kids are a tradition in our home. We love to come up with new and natural treats for the kids. Here’s some great ideas we used this year! Easy Summer Treats For Kids Naturally Brittany is all…

Summer Snacks For Kids | A Project Mom Guide

summer snacks for kids

Here’s some of our favorite ideas for summer snacks for kids! Enjoy! Pool Snack Ideas For This Summer If you’re going to spend time by the pool this summer, you’re going to need some pool-proof snacks for the kids. It’s not…

Kids Try Cereals From All Around The World

Children say and do the dandiest things don’t they? I absolutely love the HiHo Kids channel where they get kids together and let them try new food items from all around the world. The children’s reactions are priceless! You’ll be…