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Do you find it hard to fit leisure activities around your busy schedule as a mom? Me too. That’s why I thank the...

Summer Fun: Minute-To-Win-It Summer Games

Some kids enjoy nothing but cooperative games and fun. My eldest is like that, they quail at the thought of having to compete with other kids.

Summer Fun: Crazy Fun Outdoor Games For Kids

What we really enjoy about this video is that it’s a mom and her kids just having fun. There’s no huge production budget.

Summer Fun: 5 Super Cool Balloon Games

If there’s anything that we love more than summer, it’s balloons! Balloons are our go-to jollification devices for kids’ parties of course, but they don’t...

Summer Fun: The Jumping In The Circle Game

While the title of this video has “kids go to school” in it, we think the game they’re playing is perfect for lazy summer days.

Summer Fun: 5 Classic Outdoor Games For The Summer

It’s the summer and that means summer vacations! Now, we know that kids today love to spend time at home in front of the TV...

Summer Science: 19 Super Cool Science Experiments For Families

You don’t need a huge budget for these science experiments. You don’t need a physics degree either. What do you need?

Summer Science: 12 Simple Science Hacks For Kids This Year

Summer doesn’t have to be just fun and games. It can be fun and games and education too. Well, it can as long as...

Summer Science: 10 Strange Science Tricks That Use Liquids!

Don’t worry none of these liquids are radioactive. Science can make some moms panic thinking that there’s danger involved but once you scrape...

Summer Science: 18 Super Science Magic Tricks For Your Kids

I know, in a world where Game of Thrones exists, we tend to think of magic as dragons but real magic exists. It exists...

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