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Count The Kicks Pregnancy App Could Save Your Baby’s Life

Have you heard of the Count The Kicks Pregnancy App?

This article deals with a delicate subject, but I promise you that it’s worth putting your fears to one side and taking the time to read it.

I am not being melodramatic when I say it really could save your unborn baby’s life.

The subject at hand is stillbirth. It feels positively medieval to think about it.

Stillbirth was a problem in our grandparents’ era not now, right?

The trouble is that it happens now. It happens a lot and in many cases, it may be preventable.

Here’s what you must know:

The Numbers Are Staggering

Stillbirth is no laughing matter. Yet, monitoring how a baby moves like in this image may prevent stillbirth.

Stillbirth in the United States today is not a rare occurrence. It affects 1 in 160 pregnancies according to the CDC.

That means 24,000 babies are year are stillborn. That’s more babies that die of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and we know people are talking about SIDS.

You might not believe it but stillbirth is over 10 times as common as SIDS. Yet, there’s a nationwide campaign to reduce SIDS deaths. On the subject of stillbirth, well… not so much.

Health providers shy away from talking about it because, apparently, pregnant women are too delicate to handle this information.

We’re not. We can beat stillbirth if we’re just aware of what to do.

Moms Are Fighting Back

A group of moms in Iowa, all of whom had been the victims of stillbirth, decided this couldn’t carry on.

They wanted to fight back, and they started to do their research into what causes stillbirth and in particular, they wanted to know if there were any warning signs that they could have used to make stillbirth much less likely.

Stop Worrying, Use The Count The Kicks Pregnancy App

This is the logo of the app provider. Stop stillbirth today.

They found that there was something a mom could do to reduce the likelihood of stillbirth and “Count the Kicks” was born.

From the 28th week of pregnancy, you select a time slot each day to spend 5 minutes focused on your baby. You use their free of charge app “Count the Kicks” to help count your baby’s kicks. If there are sudden changes in this movement – it’s time to contact your health provider for assistance.

Has this worked?

Yes, it has. In Iowa, the state has seen a dramatic 26% drop in the incidence rate for stillbirth! The state was once the 33rd worst in the country for stillbirth. Now, it’s the 3rd best.

Not every woman in Iowa is using this app. If they were – the numbers would be even more dramatic.

So, don’t get worried.

Get counting.

The app is 100% free to download.

You can find “Count the Kicks” here for Apple and you can find “Count the Kicks” here for Android.