40+ Games For Kids They Will Actually Play

It’s time to have some fun!

The best thing about being a mom, for me, is the times that my kids and I just play.

Play is awesome.

It stimulates learning and social skills without ever feeling like a drag. It keeps you fit and healthy (and your kids fit and healthy too) and it helps build emotional bonds that last a lifetime.

A family which plays together is going to stay together through thick and thin.

So, I hope that you enjoy these super ideas for games to play with your kids!

Do your children have favorite games? Which ones are your favorites?

15 Super Fun Party Games For Kids!

If you’ve got a children’s party coming up in the near future, then you’re going to love this video from Outscord. They’ve put together 15 games that will absolutely have your kids buzzing with happy energy and quite possibly the adults will have some fun too!

They’re a little competitive at times but that’s not a bad thing, right?

What’s your favorite party game?

Why not share it with other moms in the comments below?

A Great Game For Active Kids

If your kids have a ton of energy, and I know that mine do, then you need activities that help them harness that energy in constructive ways.

So much of today’s life has cut down on the opportunities for kids to be active and run around and have fun that we really need to make a special effort, as parents, to enable this.

Your kids will be happier and healthier for it and you will enjoy their company more as they burn off energy that might otherwise have been put to mischief.

Check this awesome game out and go out and play together!

Are you ready to have some fun as a family?

Amazing Educational Toys For Toddlers

OK, this is pretty much a giant commercial for children’s toys but we’re going to allow it for two reasons. 1. It’s really, really good and 2. Who doesn’t love toys? Not everything needs to be serious but… you may want to think twice before you let your kids watch this; you don’t want to fall victim to pester power now, do you?

What do you think are the best educational toys out there?

Games For Kids With ADHD

Games are not just a distraction from the day-to-day, they are incredible learning experiences and even the silliest game lets us grow and nurture our spirits.

However, some games have even deeper purposes and these clever games are designed to help ADHD kids.

They teach focus without losing the emphasis on fun and we’re really happy to be sharing this on Project Mom today.


Do you know of any games with a higher purpose that you can recommend to other Project Mom readers?

We’d love to hear of them.

Some Cool Cooking Games For Kids

If you want your children to grow up to be Gordon Ramsay (or at least be able to feed themselves on meals that weren’t made for the TV at college) then they need to learn about food from a young age.

It can be surprisingly challenging to help your kids learn what they need to about cooking and food, particularly if you didn’t learn in a structured manner when you learned about this stuff.

Fortunately, Kids Monster is here to help with this awesome video:

How do you teach your kids about cooking?

What do you think might help other moms do the same?

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