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Do you find it hard to fit leisure activities around your busy schedule as a mom? Me too.

That’s why I thank the stars for my Kindle. You can sneak a book in around almost anything even if it is in very brief moments.

I’ve not read as much fiction since before I was in high school!

One of the reasons for this is the awesome BookBub service. My budget is tight, I have children to look after and paying $20 a time for books just isn’t happening right now.

Fortunately, thanks to BookBub – I don’t have to.

The Internet’s Best Free Book Service

A mom and her boy sitting with a book. The kind you get for free with BookBub.

BookBub is a monster in its field. There are several new websites that aim to connect readers with authors but the best-known and best-established is BookBub.

You can find free books on BookBub every single day and in every single genre of fiction and non-fiction too. The authors pay BookBub to let you know about them too! So, there are no charges for you – ever.

They do it so that they can try to form a relationship with you and get you to buy other books when you’ve finished reading the free ones.

I’ll be fair though if you were to read every free book that you can find on BookBub; you would have no time to read anything else.

This is one service that definitely works in the user’s favor.

How Does It Work?

You sign up for free. You let BookBub know what you like to read, and they tailor a daily newsletter to you.

You can also, after signup, browse their website and pick the books that you’d like to read.

They cover all major e-tailer sites such as Amazon, Kobo, Apple and Google – so you can read on any device that you like too.

So, Don’t Hang Around Sign Up For Your Free BookBub Account And Start Getting Free Books Now!

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