Hip Brace Giveaway


Whatever the cause, such as sports injury, arthritis, osteoporosis, postoperative healing or simply just old age catching up with you, hip pain can be a real downer on your life and it can make even the most mundane of everyday tasks seem like a real effort.  This Hip Brace Support Belt is specifically designed to provide hip stability, protect against injury and common hip conditions and disorders, reduce pain caused by vigorous exercise and strenuous athletic activities,  and help patients recover from delicate hip surgery.

If you’d like to see it – check it out here on Amazon.

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WINNER is Susan!
(check your email or contact us if your name is Susan. You may have won!)


  1. Again, I know the perfect indigent patient at my medical benefit who will benefit and be very grateful for this hip brace.

  2. I desperately need this!! I had total hip replacement surgery with complications on my right hip and my left hip is real bad and going to have to have surgery on it too😔 thank you for the chance to win this giveaway ❣


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