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50 Kids Lunch Ideas That Are Easy to Pack for School

Kids lunch ideas are a challenge every Mom faces. With busy schedules and picky eaters it’s hard to make everyone happy. Most importantly, you!

A Week Of School Lunch Ideas For Kids

It doesn’t get better than this – if you’re feeling lazy this week and you’d like somebody to do all the meal planning for your kids while they’re at school – this is the video for you.

A week’s worth of healthy and enjoyable eating from Monday to Friday and all of it fits in an ordinary sized lunchbox.

You can’t say fairer than that, can you?

Which day do you think will be your children’s favorite?

Awesome Kids Lunch Box Ideas

It’s hard being a mom and it’s especially hard when we’re expected to make every moment of the day entertaining but how else do you compete with a smartphone?

In all seriousness, I love these lunch box ideas for kids.

They’re fun and tasty and that’s just about perfect, right?

What did you think of these ideas?

Do you have anything even better to share?

Healthy Bento Box Lunches For Kids

The bento box is a box taken to work by a Japanese worker and it’s perfectly arranged to allow you to make lunch interesting.

We think interesting is always best combined with healthy when it comes to your kids lunches.

Here are some brilliant ideas to help you get started with that.

Do you struggle to get your kids to eat in a healthy fashion or do they love their vegetables?

Let us know in the comments below, please.

Four Amazingly Easy Kids Lunch Box Recipes

Busy, busy, busy, this is the life of the modern mom.

You’re balancing a marriage, a job, and motherhood and you’re expected to do more than any human being should.

The good news is that this doesn’t mean your kids need to go without when it comes to school lunches.

You can, if you follow these recipes, make lunches for your kids in minutes. See how it’s done:

What’s your best tip for making fast lunches for your little ones?

Super Fun Sandwich Ideas For Kids

Sometimes, we make fun things for our kids purely for their fun but I’d argue that in the case of these sandwich ideas – you’ll soon be making them for your own fun too.

Sandwiches aren’t the most interesting meals in their own right.

However, add a creative twist to how you put them together and they become absolutely fascinating. Your kids will be proud to take them to school and show them to their friends!

See how it’s done here:

What did you like most about those sandwiches?

Do you have any other ideas you could share?

Kosher Lunch Ideas For Toddlers

Some moms have more challenges when it comes to making their kids lunches to take to school than others.

Jewish moms don’t just have to put their lunch boxes together – they also need to make sure all the ingredients are kosher (acceptable to their faith).

Don’t worry though, we’ve got them covered and you may find some awesome ideas here too:

Do your kids have any unusual dietary requirements that they have to follow?

Wonderful Kawaii Recipes For Kids

Kawaii means “cute” in Japanese, just in case you didn’t already know, it’s a very “hip” term with the kids nowadays.

And yes, these recipe ideas are absolutely, completely and utterly cute.

If your kids are in touch with their sensitive sides – they’re going to love taking a lunch box like this to school.

So, get ready to be blown away by Japanese culinary creativity.

This is amazing!

What was your favorite recipe?

Do you think your kids will enjoy these in their lunchboxes?

Watch Kids Try Character Bentos

This is really sweet. The bento box craze for kids shows no signs of abating and the Japanese worker’s lunch is now a kid’s thing everywhere.

To keep things interesting many Japanese foods are shaped into children’s characters so that they have maximum visual appeal as well as being healthy.

Here we see some kids try them for the first time!

What did you think?

Were these the kinds of characters your own kids love?

How To Teach Your Kids To Pack Their Own Lunch

We heartily approve of all efforts to teach children independence at Project Mom.

We see a mom’s job as helping her kids prepare for life.

This mom has taught her kids to prepare their own school lunches and on this video – they should be able to help you pass their skills on to your kids.

Do your kids pack their own lunches now?

If not, will you teach them how?

How To Make A Rilakkuma Bento Box For Your Kids

Feeling like giving your kids a dose of super cuteness while still staying slightly healthy?

That’s the way to go for lunch times at school.

We’re not sure that Rilakkuma bento box is going to help every kid get some street cred but there are plenty of children out there who would be delighted to put this super Japanese technique into action and show their friends.

Check it out:

Would your kids enjoy a Rilakkuma Bento Box and are you ready to make one for them?

A Dad Takes On His Kids Lunches: What Does He Think?

Sometimes, it takes a parent’s watchful eye to make the right call on what kids should eat for lunch.

After all, children are rarely expert nutritionists are they?

So, in this rather fun video – a dad goes through a week’s worth of lunches and gives a critical take on what the kids are eating.

I learned quite a lot from this and I am sure that you will too:

What do you feel was the most useful takeaway from this critique?

Awesome Healthy Lunchbox Hacks For Your Kids

This is superb! We absolutely loved this video at Project Mom.

This isn’t so much about making lunches as it is about putting the finishing touches to them so that your kids are always eating a healthy meal but also have something awesome to look at and share with their friends at lunchtime.

These are fun to carry out and we’re pleased to say – they make life easier too!

What was your favorite healthy lunchbox hack?

Do you have any others you could share?

Easy Homemade Peanut Butter For Your Kids’ Lunches

If there’s one thing that almost every kid in America loves it’s peanut butter.

Now, we have to add a warning here – with many children developing nut allergies, your kids should never take peanut butter to school.

However, as long as your kids are fine with peanuts this is a super way to make peanut butter at home in less than 5 minutes!

Looks yummy, right? Do you know any other cool kitchen hacks to make kids’ favorite foods?

A Sushi Stacked Lunch Box For Your Kids

Sushi always used to feel so sophisticated when I was a kid. It was something that only wealthy and cool people did.

Now, it’s become democratized and everyone can enjoy it – including kids.

We thought this sushi stacked lunch box was one of the most appealing meals for kids that we’ve ever seen and we’re sure that you will agree with us.

Check it out here:

Do you think that you kids would enjoy sushi for lunch at school?

Why not give it a go?

Lunch Ideas For Your Kids From India

Indian food is exciting, tasty and healthy and if you want your kids to learn to be adventurous eaters – then it’s a perfect cuisine to begin with.

You can tweak the spices to their tastes as you go and they’re going to develop a lifetime taste for great food.

Check out how to make an Indian lunch box here.

That made me hungry too.

Will you try this with your kids?

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