Kids Playgrounds Review | The Good, The Bad & The Dangerous

Kids playgrounds are a hot topic these days. We’ve rounded up some of the most interesting videos in our review of kids playgrounds.

Are These The Best Outdoor Playgrounds For Kids?

This video has had an incredible 28 million views on YouTube. That’s as many people as live in the average country!

So, they must be doing something right as they explore the timeless question; “are these the best outdoor playgrounds for kids?”

We don’t know because we’ve not visited all outdoor playgrounds ever but they do look like they’re an awful lot of fun and we’re sure that you’ll agree.

Which of these ideas do you think your kids would enjoy most?

Why Safe Playgrounds Suck For Kids

This is a peculiar video which has us torn on how to feel.

It makes the case that children’s playgrounds today are so safe that they’re essentially boring and don’t help as much as they could with your kids’ personal development.

They argue that there ought to be some risk built into every playground so that children can get to grips with challenges and come to terms with the idea that there are consequences for getting things wrong.

What did you think? It’s a tricky question isn’t it?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this as we think it’s important.

Kids Play With Half A Million Balls In An Interactive Playground

It seems like a lot of rubber balls to us – a half million of them.

Yet, when you see these kids having a great time in this interactive playground; it doesn’t look as much as we thought that it might. Maybe it’s an optical illusion?

Maybe we just have no idea what a half million rubber balls should look like in one place?

Whichever it is… this place looks like awesome fun and we’d love to take our kids there.

What did you think? Do you think your kids would enjoy this too?

Playgrounds That Should Not Have Been Given To Kids!

You’re not going to be able to stop laughing when you watch this video. It’s a satirical piece from Reaction Time exploring items in playgrounds that appear unfortunately inappropriate.

I really enjoyed this and think that you will too. So, grab a cup of coffee and prepare to have a little fun today!

What did you think was funniest in that video?

The Best Indoor Playgrounds For Kids

Earlier this month we took a look at a super video which explore the question of what’s the best outdoor playground for kids?

So, it seems like a good time to round things off and ask the question; what’s the best indoor playground for kids too?

We don’t have all the answers on this but these guys think that they do:

Do you know of a better indoor playground for kids?

Our readers would love to know if you do!

The Most Extreme Kids Playgrounds Ever

We took a look at the case for making kids’ playgrounds less risky earlier on this month.

Today, we’d like to go the other way and ask who in their right mind would let their kids take on this extreme playground?

And at the same time, we have to admit that our younger selves might really have enjoyed this.

Check it out!

We come to the conclusion that somethings just aren’t worth the risk.

What do you think?

Kids Playgrounds That Got BANNED!

Yesterday we saw the most extreme kids playgrounds but today’s are probably even more extreme in that every single one of them was banned for being a health hazard.

We think you ought to watch this – just in case somebody makes the mistake of reinventing these wonky wheels and putting them in your kid’s playground.

This is truly terrifying!

It’s things like this that make you glad there’s a government out there protecting people.

Incredible Kids Playgrounds From The Early 20th Century

Some people claim that kids today aren’t as tough as they would  have been in previous decades.

We come to the conclusion that this is because kids today aren’t subjected to the harrowing playgrounds of yesteryear.

We found this video both instructional and frightening at the same time. Sometimes things are best confined to the garbage can of history.

Aren’t you glad that we’re in the 21st century now?

I know we at Project Mom are.

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