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Massive Enfamil Products Bundle For Free!

Enfamil is one of the best-known baby brands in the world. It is a company that specializes in making baby formula or infant formula.

The idea behind formula is to closely mimic mother’s breast milk and while this process isn’t perfect, it is pretty good.

The World Health Organization has, since 2001, approved the use of all high-quality infant formulas as a substitute for breast milk.

This is a baby waiting for her formula.

Hey! I’ve Heard There May Be Problems With Formula

There have been two big issues with formula in the previous decade and neither of them should concern you as a mom.

  • Melamine in baby formula. This took place in China. No Enfamil (or other reputable manufacturer’s) products were affected. Chinese people didn’t stop buying baby formula after this, but they do prefer to source it outside of China now.
  • Infant deaths in developing countries. This has nothing to do with the formula at all. Infant deaths in developing nations are a result of a lack of hygiene when preparing formula. You must keep things you feed to babies clean. Sadly, in the developing world, this isn’t always easy.

So, yes, there have been problems and no, they won’t affect you or your baby in North America.

So, What Do I Get From Enfamil?

That’s the right question to ask. This is a great bundle for a new mom. The promotion is called “Enfamil Family Beginnings®” and it’s exceptionally cool.

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Given that Enfamil is such a well-respected supplier of infant formula, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain by taking them up on this deal. Hurry though, we don’t know how long it will last!

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