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Read For Free With Early Birds Books!

Early Bird Books is one of a growing number of websites that seeks to connect authors to readers.

The idea is that by giving you a large discount to buy a book or by giving you a book for free, an author can build a relationship with you and might be able to get you to buy other books in their catalog at a later date.

So, What’s The Skinny With Early Birds?

The best thing about Early Birds is their blog which recommends amazing deals around a theme. One day it might be mom and baby books and the next it might be looking at thrillers or a specific author.

This is really handy for moms because we don’t have time to go hunting around the internet for recommendations.

You’ll also find the occasional book giveaway in amongst the blog posts which means you can win some hard copies for free too.

A picture of a mother reading to her daughter.

Really? Free Books?

Yes, e-books have no production cost, so Early Birds can help you find free books without a problem.

They also have regular discounts from some of the world’s top authors.

You don’t have to monitor the site every day to take advantage of these great offers.

In fact, all you need to do is sign up to their e-mail list to get notified every time something you might be interested in comes out.


I really like Early Birds Books, I am a big reader and it’s one of the few “guilty pleasures” I get as a mom with young kids.

I can’t go jogging while my little ones run riot around the living room but I can snatch a few minutes with my Kindle.

The service doesn’t cost you anything and it’s really easy to sign up to that convenient newsletter.

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