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51 Summer Fun Kids Activities For The Whole Family

We’ve compiled all the best summer fun kids activities we can find into a master list for handy reference. Enjoy!

10 Awesome Child Friendly Activities To Beat Summer Boredom

There’s no such thing as too much of a good thing in our opinion. Why settle for 1 summer activity when you get 10?

That’s Kamri Noel’s thinking too and they’ve put together a wonderful collection of summer games and fun that is guaranteed to keep boredom at bay this year.

Over 1.8 million people have seen Kamri’s video and participated in these games and we’d like to think that’s a pretty decent seal of approval for their creativity.

You have nothing to lose and only fun to gain, check it out now!

Super Summer Activities On A Budget

I remember when my first came into the world, money was so tight that you could hear a quarter squeak in my jean’s pockets.

It’s not easy being a mom for anyone but many of us face a second set of challenges – the financial ones.

That’s why I am grateful to moms like Brittani Boren Leach who has been kind enough to share her tips for having a super summer as a family, without spending your way into debt.

You’re going to love these activities and so will your little ones!

Free & Cheap Activities For The Kids This Summer

We think She’s in Her Apron deserves a lot more YouTube visits than she’s getting just now.

This is a mom who knows exactly what it takes to be a great mom while keeping a close eye on the purse strings.

Her video is cram packed with an amazing selection of summer activities for your kids.

The best of it is that they’re all either free or exceedingly cheap to take part in. You won’t go broke having fun this summer, we promise!

Easy And Creative Summer Camp Ideas For Kids

Twin Tag are one of the best creators on YouTube when it comes to finding fun stuff to do at any time.

They’ve also put together a really cool set of activities for you and your kids to try this summer.

It can be hard keeping your kids happy over a long summer vacation but this will make it much, much easier.

You also won’t believe what you can do with some eggshells! We guarantee that your kids won’t believe it either!

What are you waiting for? Start the fun now!

Summer Fun With The Memory Game

Summer camp is one of the best experiences of anybody’s life but it can be hard to work out what to do with a bunch of kids all looking to have fun.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ideas out there and Las Vegas’ Kung Fu Academy has had a brilliant one – they’ve got one of their kids to share it with the world too.

So, check out The Memory Game, so simple that a child can explain it and so much fun that the adults won’t be able to stop playing it either!

3 Super Creative Things To Do This Summer

You’ve got to keep your kids entertained over the summer break, at least, if you want to keep your sanity.

Fortunately, the Internet is stuffed full of super ideas that can help you take away the boredom and have fun in the process.

I bet my mom wishes that YouTube had been around when I was young.

Well, sorry mom, but for our readers it is around, and this is a great video on 3 Easy Summer Crafts that anybody can do and do well.

My kids really enjoyed making the citrus fruit plates.

Finger Painting Art For Summer

When The Lord was handing out artistic talent, I must have been at the back of the line.

That’s not the end of the world but I love to help my kids grow and arts are important.

Thankfully, for me, there is help at hand from Art & Crafty on YouTube.

They teach an old favorite creative trick – finger painting.

Yes, it’s easy enough even for me to draw cute little animals and my kids, who are much more talented than me, draw even better ones! Check it out.

3D Salt Painting

A Thrifty Mom is one of my favorite YouTubers.

I am not quite as thrifty as she is but I respect someone who understands the value of a dollar and can make it go a long way.

She also knows the value of having a good time with your kids and being creative.

She combines the two and comes up with 3D salt painting, a work of genius which costs very little but allows your little ones to express their inner Michelangelo.

We’d suggest that they start on pieces of card rather than the ceiling, though.

14 Summer Hacks For Kids

You don’t want to waste a single precious day with your kids this summer, do you?

Well, the super folks at 5-Minute Crafts KIDS want to help you pack out the days with tons of fun!

These summer hacks make life so easy when you’re out and about for the summer.

Each one is creative and each one has a practical benefit.

When you’re ready to head to the beach, you’re going to need this video to have the best time you ever had.

Check it out and enjoy!

Paper Art For Summer Camp

If you’re looking for super things to do this summer but don’t have a huge budget to spend – then paper art should be right up your street.

All you need is some bits of paper and you and your kids can create enormously fun designs that can be used to decorate your home and add joy to the home the whole year around.

Twin Tag’s ideas are simple and very easy to follow. I am not the greatest artist but me and my kids had no problem learning origami this way, we think you’re going to love it!

10 Easy Science Experiments That Will Amaze Your Kids

Not every kid is an artist or into running round the block for that matter.

Some kids, like my eldest, would rather spend their summers getting involved with the nitty-gritty that makes up the universe.

It turns out that even if you didn’t get on with science at school; every parent can get involved in their kids’ science projects and have a ton of fun.

A good place to begin, this summer, is with these 10 easy science experiments They really do amaze kids!

18 Super Science Magic Tricks For Your Kids

I know, in a world where Game of Thrones exists, we tend to think of magic as dragons but real magic exists.

It exists as science.

Armed with just a little science your kids can learn a ton of tricks that will impress their friends and delight their families too.

This super video from 5-Minute Craft Kids will teach you all you need to know to help your children transform from ordinary school children into budding David Copperfields.

My youngest isn’t into science but they absolutely loved these tricks!

10 Strange Science Tricks That Use Liquids!

Don’t worry none of these liquids are radioactive.

Science can make some moms panic thinking that there’s danger involved but once you scrape the surface – you’ll find that there are plenty of cool things your kids can get out of science that aren’t at all dangerous.

These 10 strange science tricks are truly fascinating and yes, there’s stuff you can do at home here. In fact, we’d be disappointed if you didn’t try them at home.

Once your kids see this video, they’re going to insist on it!

12 Simple Science Hacks For Kids This Year

Summer doesn’t have to be just fun and games. It can be fun and games and education too.

Well, it can as long as the education doesn’t feel like being back in school.

There’s enough school in every kid’s life.

Be a mom and make this summer a spectacular science-filled funfest, instead!

Don’t worry this isn’t a far-fetched idea.

We’ve got you covered.

These 12 simple science hacks are really easy to put into action and even if you didn’t study sciences, you can do them too and your kids will love you for it.

19 Super Cool Science Experiments For Families

You don’t need a huge budget for these science experiments.

You don’t need a physics degree either.

What do you need?

You need an open mind, a willingness to learn, a lot of curiosity and to be prepared to have fun.

That sounds like most families to us.

So, grab your kids and help them turn their summer into a fun-filled learning fiesta!

You’re going to love the candle tricks. We use them at summer BBQs to impress our friends too! Science is not just for kids. Seriously.

5 Classic Outdoor Games For The Summer

It’s the summer and that means summer vacations!

Now, we know that kids today love to spend time at home in front of the TV and playing video games but…

We also know that the happiest kids in the world are those that are playing outside.

With that in mind, we’ve found a collection of classic outdoor games for you to teach your kids so that their summers pass by in style!

We love Spud in our family. What’s your favorite outdoor summer time game?

5 Super Cool Balloon Games

If there’s anything that we love more than summer, it’s balloons!

Balloons are our go-to jollification devices for kids’ parties of course, but they don’t need to be kept for special occasions.

Any day is a good day to get out in the sun and start playing some awesome games with balloons.

What’s that you say?

You don’t know any balloon games?

Well, you’re in luck. We have you covered with 5 super cool balloon games that you and your kids are going to absolutely love.

Crazy Fun Outdoor Games For Kids

What we really enjoy about this video is that it’s a mom and her kids just having fun.

There’s no huge production budget.

No, desperation for your clicks.

This is a record of a happy summer day, playing games as a family and burning up some energy while they do it.

We’d encourage you not just to watch this video but to do something similar.

Go out and create some super summer memories by playing a bunch of games outdoors and video the whole thing.

You don’t need to put it on YouTube. Just keep it to remember the day by.

Minute-To-Win-It Summer Games

Some kids enjoy nothing but cooperative games and fun. My eldest is like that, they quail at the thought of having to compete with other kids.

But some kids, they want to win. From the moment that they wake up, to the moment that they go to bed – they don’t value taking part, they love to win.

That’s my youngest.

It’s also these kids from BabyLeague on YouTube.

Here are some great games ideas with a focus on kids having fun competing with each other. If your kids want to win – this is probably for them.

Anything we missed? Let us know.

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