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Summer Snacks For Kids | A Project Mom Guide

Here’s some of our favorite ideas for summer snacks for kids! Enjoy!

Pool Snack Ideas For This Summer

If you’re going to spend time by the pool this summer, you’re going to need some pool-proof snacks for the kids. It’s not as easy as it seems as a lot of food gets instantly soggy if it comes into contact with even a little water.

The good news is that Happily A Housewife’s YouTube channel has tackled this issue for you.

They’ve got a bunch of fun, tasty snacks that won’t fall to pieces when your kids get out of the pool and grab them before diving back in for a bit more fun! Check it out!

Watermelon Popsicle Recipe For Summer Snacks

If you’ve got little ones and you want to keep them cool this summer, you’re going to want to explore making your own popsicles.

Why? Because making popsicles means that you can ensure that all the ingredients are healthy and tasty and won’t rot their teeth.

Store bought popsicles are fine as an occasional treat, but they shouldn’t be eaten every day.Watermelon is a great base for a popsicle because it’s naturally sweet but low on sugar (including natural sugar) and won’t spoil their appetite between meals. These popsicles are the real deal!

Homemade Frozen Treats For The Summer Sun

We’re not going to weigh in on the whole climate change debate here at Project Mom. Mainly, because we know the summers are getting hotter every year.

As moms we’re not sure how to tackle global warming but we’re absolutely certain that we need to help our little ones tackle overheating in the summer sun.

Fortunately, the good folks at Tasty have our backs and have put together an awesome video which teaches you how to make a ton of frozen treats for the summer without having to put in too much work.


Healthy Summer Road Trip DIY Snack Packs

I love taking road trips with my kids! Don’t you?

One thing we’ve all learned, however, is that if you don’t pack some snacks – things soon get a little less fun as your kids get hungry.

You don’t want to spend a fortune on roadside food, particularly as not always the healthiest option, so why not make your own snack packs for your next trip? There are refrigerated and non-refrigerated options too in this handy video from Mind Over Munch.

Check it out!

25 Two-Minute Snacks For The Summer With Your Kids

Moms are always busy nowadays.We’ve got jobs to do, partners to care for and children who need us. The summer is both a source of joy and frustration.

Our kids get plenty of time off school, but we don’t always get any more time to give to them during this period.

That’s why when it comes to snacks – you want snacks that you can throw together in an instant but that your kids will still love.

So, why not try these handy 25 two-minute snacks for your kids? They’re awesome!

Snack Ideas For A Summer Beach Trip

My kids love to go to the beach.This is brilliant because I love to go to the beach too!

One thing we’re all agreed on is that when you hit up the beach, there’s nothing better than a few snacks to make a bit of a picnic on the sand.

Sometimes though, we struggle to think of ideas for what to put in our picnic basket.

That’s when we like to turn to “The Wads” and see their awesome guide for packing a cooler and picnic basket for a trip to the beach.

We think you will too.

DIY Super Summer Party Snacks For Your Kids

The summertime is here! And we’ve got some wonderful news for you!

Miss Remi Ashten has put together everything you need to throw a summer party together without breaking the bank or your back when you do the work.

It’s always nice to have friends over, get your kids together and enjoy the feeling of the sun on your skin as the time rolls away.

So, check out this awesome collection of ideas and get your summer party plans underway; then all you need to do is send out the invitations!


We think it’s really important that your kids get a taste for the exotic when they’re young.

This helps them learn to try new foods and to prepare them for life as an adult when they will be called upon to move in many different communities.

So, we absolutely love that Home Cooking Show introduced us to one of our favorite summer snacks of all time – Paneer Popcorn.

You may have to work to get the ingredients but trust us, it’s worth it. This is so good!

Chocolate Banana Frozen Yogurt Bark: A Summer Treat From Heaven!

We confess, one of the things we like most about the Summer is making cute little snacks and sharing them with our kids.

One thing we can report from years of experience is that Ciara Atwell’s recipe for chocolate banana frozen yogurt bark goes down a treat.

And if they’re lucky, there’s some left over for our kids too. 

These are super easy to make, have very little sugar and they’re packed with protein which keeps kids feel full for longer.

We love them and we think you will too.

Tasty Summer Potato Snacks For Your Children!

The humble potato is one of nature’s most under-rated inventions.Yet, it makes an appearance at so many of our meals.

We think that makes it easy to take it for granted.

So, we’re grateful to Hebbars Kitchen who have provided the potato with a new lease of life for the summer for our kids (and for us, the hungry adults in the house).

These snacks are simple to cook, taste great and we find that there’s never a single one left after our kids have had at them.

It can’t get better than that, can it?