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5 Summer Swimming Ideas For Kids

Summer swimming is a tradition in our home and many others. We’ve compiled some great ideas for summer swimming. Enjoy!

How To Teach A Child To Dive

One of the best things any child can do is learn to swim.

Not only will it give them the best chance of survival if they’re on a sinking boat but they’ll learn the best form of exercise possible.

Swimmers burn calories quickly and they tone all their muscles at once but the water stops them from injuring themselves except… when diving.

That’s why it’s so important to teach your kids to dive properly. Done right, diving is a wonderful thing but done wrong – its’ dangerous.

So, check this out and share it with your little ones.

The Swimming Song

We think that there’s no better activity for your kids than swimming in the summer.

In fact, we’d encourage you to help your kids swim all year round.

It’s brilliant exercise and it’s a lot of fun. No kid needs to be left behind when it comes to gliding through the water.

It’s also never too early to start them swimming and thinking about swimming.

So, today we’d like to share with you this cute nursery rhyme that helps your baby get excited about their first swim!

Family Fun Kids Pool Party

If you’re wondering how you’re going to get through the long summer break while keeping your kids entertained – don’t fret.

There are literally thousands of different activities for you to do together that are fun and won’t cost a fortune, either.

Take this, for example, it’s a brilliant family fun kids pool part with a giant inflatable float and over 10 million parents have seen this already!

Get out and cool off from the summer heat with an inflatable pool and some water! Once your kids are done, you might want to jump in yourself!

Swimming Lessons For Babies

It is never too early to teach your kids to swim.

It’s one of life’s most important skills.

In fact, even the youngest of babies will quickly learn to swim given the right circumstances.

We’re not talking the Jean Claude Van Damme method of dropping a child in a water barrel but rather giving them gentle lessons.

As you can see here on CBS Evening News, this can be a great bonding exercise between mother and child and impart an invaluable skill for the whole of your child’s life.

How To Get A Kid To Start Swimming When They Don’t Want To

Most kids love swimming and they can’t wait to get in the pool and start splashing about.

But, for a small minority of kids swimming is something they dread.

They’re afraid they won’t be good at it or worse, they’re afraid that they might drown.

Those kids need a little help overcoming their fears.

Fortunately, Disney UK is on hand to walk parents through this challenge.

It can be easy to help your kids build up confidence to start swimming when you know how!