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Target Baby Registry: A Superb Service

My favorite baby registry is Amazon’s but I have to admit that Target’s service comes a very close second.

It’s not quite as comprehensive a service as Amazon (but then what could be?) offers but it is very good.

Here’s what you need to know:

Twins! They went to Target and loved their registry products.
  • It has a retail presence. Amazon’s one drawback is that you can’t walk into a store and try items before you buy them.

    Almost everyone has a Target near their home or work (or both) and that means you can walk in and see if something works for you and your baby before you put it on your list.
  • It helps the forgetful. If you have friends and relatives who like to panic buy at the last minute, a retail presence is also very handy, they can rush into the store on the way to your baby shower and pick something up.

    They can’t do that with Amazon.
  • Free baby box. Target, just like Amazon, gives new moms a free samples box. This has a decent dollar value, but the contents are a bit random compared to Amazon.

    We talked to several moms with Target boxes and they all seemed to have slightly different products in them.
  • Great completion discount. Target’s completion discount is 15% (compared to Amazon’s standard 10%) and they run their completion offer for 2 weeks longer than Amazon.

    On the flip side of this, Target is often more expensive than Amazon in the first place, so savings may not be as dramatic as they could be.

Target offers a great baby registry service and I can really recommend it.

There are some minor drawbacks with it though – their online presence has terrible customer service (a big drawback when compared to Amazon) and there’s no free 2-day shipping (unlike with Amazon Prime).