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16 Pro Tips and Tricks for Surviving Toddlers

We’ve compiled some of our favorite articles and videos that cover a broad range of tips and tricks for living succesfully with toddlers. Good luck!

Awesome Toddler Meal Ideas

Manda Mommy wants to share what she feeds her son Trevor during his toddler years and this video is quite lovely.

It shows how easy it is to create special moments with your small ones and most importantly, how important food is to everyone, even those too young to articulate that importance.

Check it out here!

Wondering what to feed your little ones today?

Well, don’t fret! Mariah Leeanne (a name which really does have too many vowels for comfort) has come up with a super collection of recipes for your toddler and shared them on YouTube!

You might not like all of her ideas but there’s bound to be something in there that they’ll love!

What do you think are the most important things for toddlers to eat?

How To Get A Toddler To Stop Hitting

It’s not nice to have to deal with but if your young one is hitting people, it’s something that you have to tackle.

You don’t want to damage their development or make them feel bad but you can’t let them hurt others either.

Teach through Love offers a very sound strategy to help you get them to stop without destroying their feelings.

Have you ever had to tackle a challenge like this with your own children?

Elmo Teaches Toddlers Tooth Brushing

Who doesn’t love Sesame Street and Elmo and friends?

Not us, that’s for sure.

We grew up with Big Bird teaching us about numbers and letters and we’d be more than happy if Elmo taught our kids to brush their teeth too.

And the good news is – he will teach your kids if you tune into this awesome YouTube clip!

Do you have any tips to help little ones brush their teeth better?

Toddler Food Planning Chart

I admit it, I didn’t do too much meal planning for my children when they were young.

It seems a little bit regimented to me at the time.

But now I can see the value of it, especially in a busy household where a Mom wants to ensure that her kids’ dietary needs are met.

So, I am sharing this video from Candid Homemaking where a mom shares her 3 year old’s food chart because I found it informative:

Did you find that valuable? Do you plan your children’s meals in advance?

How To Teach Your Toddler Handwriting

If teaching a child to speak is daunting, teaching them to write can make even the most fearless mom break out in a sweat.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be difficult – all you need is a simple methodology and some cheap equipment.

Jady A walks us through how she taught her 4-year old to write:

Did you think this was helpful? Is there anything else Jady could have done?

How To Go “Cold Turkey” When Nursing A Toddler

Nursing a toddler is a perfectly healthy exercise but there may come a time when you need to bring it to a halt.

This can be met with real resistance by the child, who has grown used to nursing on demand.

Lily Rubio shares her secrets, in this video, on how to quit nursing “cold turkey” without it interfering with your relationship with your toddler.

I thought that this was a really interesting approach to ceasing nursing. What do you think?

The Curly Hair Tutorial For Toddlers

Raven Elyse has done moms a major solid by looking at how you take care of a little girl’s hair when it’s super curly!

Managing and maintaining a child’s hair can be a challenge at the best of times and when that hair is a little unruly, it can be even worse.

However, Raven makes it look easy and she helps Ziya look fantastic too!

Do you have any useful tips for toddler hair to share?

Help Your Toddler Count To 20

I love this neat little video which helps teach little ones learn their numbers.

It’s incredibly cute and I have no idea how they can afford to develop the animated sequences for YouTube but I am glad that they have.

Check out Number Zoo from Toddler Fun Learning.

I think this will become a family favorite:

What did you think? Are there better ways to teach toddlers their numbers? Let us know.

Simple Sensory Activities For Toddlers

Looking for something to do to help your kids learn but they’re not ready to start talking?

That’s OK, don’t force the issue – they’ll be chatting away happily soon enough.

Why not give them some sensory stimulation so that they’ll be chomping at the bit to tell you about how awesome the world is?

These are 10 simple sensory activities that do just that:

Which one was your baby’s favorite?

Teach Toddlers Animal Sounds

If you’re trying to broaden your toddler’s vocabulary, then there’s no better place to start than making animal sounds together as it’s impossible to get them wrong and you can have a lot of fun as they get towards a sound that’s convincing.

I laughed so hard when mine were learning animal sounds, I wish I could have that time over again.

What do you think are some easy things for toddlers to learn?

How To Create Lesson Plans For Toddlers

While this might appeal most to professional educators, it’s fair to say that many moms would love to be able to design learning exercises for their toddlers too.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be complicated to come up with something fun that helps with mental growth and stimulates your child in the right way:

Will you create lesson plans for your toddler now?

Toddlers AND Parents Have Tantrums

It’s time for a bit of light relief and today we celebrate not just the best tantrums of children to have appeared on TLC but also their parents! Yup, you can see why some of theses kids can’t handle day-to-day life when their parents aren’t able to either!

I find this kind of thing quite shocking but have your kids ever driven you to have a tantrum?

How To Help Toddlers Who Are Struggling With Speech

Every child learns differently and in their own way.

However, it can be frustrating for a parent when their child is struggling to form speech sounds correctly and this wonderful video from My Toddler Talks helps address some of the ways you can help your child with this without becoming a pushy parent.

Did you think those tips were good? Are there any of your own you can tell others about?

Awesomely Simple Nursery Songs

If you have really little ones; it can be a bit of a challenge to find songs for them to sing and take part in.

This video offers up some very simple versions of popular songs that are perfect to get the smallest members of the family getting their song on!

Which one is your favorite?

Living In A Van With A Toddler

If you think your life is challenging keeping a home and a young family, how much more challenging would it be if you lived in a van?

Well, that’s exactly what Jinti Fell does and this is their story of how that works in practice.

You’ll be really impressed, I think, it’s amazing how creative people can be and still live healthy lives!

Would you consider living in a van with your young family?