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Walmart Baby Registry Review | The Not So Great Baby Registry

Picking the right baby registry is important. You’re going to be using it to make sure that your child’s arrival into this world is as pleasant as possible.

You’d think that Walmart could be relied on to deliver this service with style, right?

Well, no not so much.

Truth be told, I love the Amazon baby registry most of all.

The Target baby registry, BabyList and Buy Buy Baby are all decent alternative options as well. But Walmart?

It’s a fail from my perspective here’s why:

This little guy is probably crying because his mom spent hundreds more dollars shopping at Walmart when compared to Amazon's Baby Registry.
  • No completion discount. This is a serious disappointment. While Walmart, like some of the others on my list, has a price-matching guarantee it offers no completion discount at all. That means even if you only spent $1,000 on your baby registry; you’d be $100-$150 better off if you spent that money elsewhere.
  • No alternative store products. Amazon, Target and BabyList all let you add products to the registry that are found on other websites. They recognize that they can’t stock everything, and you might want things they don’t have. Not Walmart. If it isn’t in their product line, you can’t add it to your registry.
  • No gift-wrapping service. That’s pretty weak right? A baby registry is something people are going to buy gifts from and Walmart won’t wrap those gifts? Epic fail.

There are, of course, some positives with Walmart’s registry.

They do offer a free baby box which is very much in line with competitor’s offerings.

They offer a decent 90-day returns window.

They also offer Walmart customer service which is often considered to be amongst the best in the country.

So, it’s not all doom and gloom but really, the lack of a completion discount is a deal killer in my book.

I can’t see any good reason to use the Walmart Baby Registry.

Amazon, Target, BabyList and Buy Buy Baby are all a much better deal.

If You Really Must, You Can Sign Up With Walmart’s Baby Registry Here