Win Your Baby Registry Giveaway

This one’s for all the new and expecting Moms! (but anyone can win a cash equivalent). Enter to win $1000 worth of your choices in your Amazon Baby Registry.

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41 thoughts on “Win Your Baby Registry Giveaway”

  1. I am not a bother but a stay at home father and grandfather because of severe health reasons, my wife has to work, my kids are all grown but I am the Grandchildren babysitter, Beed babysitting all of them since birth all 8 , it takes two spouses to work now a days to make a living I can’t help them money wise I do the best I can, now I was told by a little birdie and parents ARE NOT TO KNOW YET that I might be babysitting our GREAT GRAND CHILD, I am 64 don’t know if I should be happy or not, but anyways I sure can use any and all help I can get and this would be a great STARTER KIT all over again,
    Thank you from a over whelmed Grandfather

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