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Wingoffly Baby Food Maker Masher 9-in-1 Review

wingoffly baby food maker

In the market for a baby food maker? This might be right up your alley!

Food processors and blenders are awesome and they’re among the best ways to make your own baby food at home.

However, there’s an assumption with these devices that you’re always going to be near a power supply and that you’re OK with burning electricity all the time.

The Wingoffly Baby Food Maker Masher -9-in-1 challenges these presumptions and provides a potentially more eco-friendly choice for you and your baby. 

It’s also great for families who enjoy camping and the outdoors. As well as anyone interested in reducing their carbon footprint.  

It’s an interesting alternative to a standard baby food maker, food processor or blender. If you’re more interested in an electric baby food maker check out our Best Baby Food Maker Guide.

The Wingoffly Food Masher wins the award for most unusual baby food product name! 

So last week I tested the WINGOFFLY Baby Food Maker (Masher?) with a friend of mine Tricia to test the WINGOFFLY preparing food for her child. Check out our results!


Baby Food Recipe Idea Of The Day

It wouldn’t be Project Mom if we didn’t bring you some video content to go with our review but sadly WINGOFFLY has not made a video of their product in use, and nor has anyone else, yet (YouTubers we’ve identified a gap in the saturated market).

So, we’re going with Linda Barry’s excellent recipe for homemade carrots for babies, instead:

That looks good enough that I want to eat it. But Tricia reminded me it’s for the baby.

For additional information on blenders check out the Best Blenders of 2019 Guide over at Kitchen Authority.

Wingoffly Baby Food Maker Specifications

The Wingoffly Baby Food Maker has a simple stacked design that saves critical cupboard or counter space.

Compared with traditional mashers or grinders the bowl combines multiples functions for ease of use. It also makes cleaning much easier.

wingoffly baby food maker

BOWL SIZE: 12cm(4.7in)(Width)*11cm(4.3in)(Height)
SPOON LENGTH: 12cm(4.7in).

The Wingoffly Baby Food Masher product is BPA-free, nontoxic and tasteless — which is secure and healthy for babies. You can rest easy your baby is not ingesting toxins.

The Bottom Line | Should You Buy The Wingoffly Baby Food Maker?

baby food maker

Yes, this is a device with an unusual use case. I think most people are not going to suddenly give up their blender in favour of a manual device for making baby food.

But if you do enjoy camping, as Tricia does, this thing is a lifesaver. It means you can whip up baby food on the fly with no hassle whatsoever.

It’s a versatile set and there were no recipes we couldn’t make work (that we could think of) with it or that we wished we had a blender for instead.

I recommend this product but only if you think you have a use for it.